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A group of us were near Ferguson, MO performing green home inspections this week and after our lunch I stopped in to Cose Dolci Bakery in historic, downtown Ferguson.  It is a pretty few blocks of small businesses and restaurants.  Driving up just a couple of blocks, dozens of businesses, many still open, had been boarded up with murals and uplifting sayings painted in bright colors.

As a member of the St. Louis community and small business owner myself, it was heart wrenching.  Ironically, we had already planned on sharing David Strom’s blog about helping small businesses in Ferguson (article and link below).

After driving through myself, it only reinforced how much I want to share the news of what these small businesses are doing to not only keep their doors open but continue to pursue their dream and keep this community vibrant.

My friend, David Strom has been working to support the Ferguson community and small business owners who lost so much due to rioting, looting and arson. As a small business owner, I can’t imagine the heartache in seeing your dreams destroyed in front of your eyes.

David, a philanthropist at heart, has put together a short list of small businesses in the Ferguson area that need help. I wanted to share this information with the HomeNav community

(from David Blog – David Strom’s Web Informant)

Today it is time to raise money for Ferguson. Several of the local businesses now have GoFundMe crowdsourced pages and are raising funds, because they want to stay in business. A few national reporters are mentioning these pages, which is great. I have tried to find ones that are still far behind on their goals but worthwhile efforts nonetheless. I would like you to take a moment, pick one (or more, if you are feeling generous), and send in your money.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a bike ride to the city, along a lovely trail for part of the trip, to have lunch at Cathy’s Kitchen. I have eaten there before, it is a family-run place that has been there for several years and is one of several places owned by the family in the area. They are located across the street from the police station which was spared most of the demonstrations until relatively recently, when they were hit during the riots. Support Cathys Kitchen

Cose Dolci is a small bakery that has also been in Ferguson for many years and also family-run, and just a few blocks away from Cathy’s restaurant. Support Cose Dolci Bakery

Beauty supply stores in Ferguson were very much at risk, both this summer and then earlier last month during the riots: hair extensions and other care products aren’t cheap. The folks at Beauty World had their windows smashed and a bomb was thrown into the store, and the fire sprinklers soaked whatever inventory was left behind (as you can see from the photo above). Like the others it is also family run by a local couple. Support Beauty World

Down the street is the Hidden Treasures boutique, which also suffered during the riots and is locally owned too. It is located in the Ferguson “City Walk” which was a recent new development over the past several years to bring a series of specialty shops together in close proximity that many larger cities have sponsored. Support Hidden Treasures Antiques

The first building to burn to the ground this past summer was a Quick-Trip gas station that quickly became the gathering point for many demonstrators. A small family-run insurance brokerage was across the street, and this time got its share of rioters and arsonists. Imagine trying to run your storefront behind plywood covering what once was your windows. They still want to operate in town too. Support Solo Insurance

Last but not least is Mimi’s Bar and Grill, another restaurant that has been around for 20 years. Earlier this summer, they purchased the remainder of the building that they didn’t own, and saw their business drop to nothing. Support Mimi’s Bar and Grill

There are obviously many more places in town that could use your support. These are just a few of the ones that I know of. Please take a moment and send in some money, whatever. I know they will appreciate your support.

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Kellye of Energy Smart Homes December 12, 2014, 10:43 am

I would like to point out these business owners may not have insurance coverage for their losses. Not because they didn’t purchase it but because insurance companies EXCLUDE COVERAGE for losses arising out of RIOT, CIVIL COMMOTION, WAR AND INSURECTION. I suspect these folks will have to dive deep into their own pockets to recover from this horrific event. I am glad to see HomeNav calling attention to the need.

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