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Thank you to Jackie, for hosting me on the Organic Gardener Podcast for a great conversation about many things green in our homes, our lives and our gardens! We talked about so many great topics and I look forward to having you on the Green Gab Podcast.  

Jackie opened up with telling me about the amazing life I have, and I love that she said that.  Having the opportunity to make a difference and help people in their homes does make it amazing.  My book and the Green Gab podcast are both ways to help people learn about simple stuff they can do in their homes and lives to have a better home and a better life.  


Jackie asks, “OK, let’s give listeners one action step right now that they can implement today!”

Go home. take every incandescent bulb out of your house. If you have to throw them in the trash, they are going to get thrown away whether you have to replace them or not.  Replace them with LED bulbs.  I’ve found them for as little as $2 a bulb, the give great light at a fraction of the cost of your old incandescent bulbs and they don’t need to be changed for years! That’s hassle free!

A little-known fact about incandescent bulbs (the ones we’ve had for decades).  

Did you have a little Easy Bake oven when you were a kid?

I did.

What did you use to bake your cake?

IDK. a light bulb?

Yep exactly. Enough heat to bake a cake.

Listen in to the podcast as we talk about green home certifications and what they mean, simple choices around the house now and in the future and how we can each take action (among other things).


hope is part of the magic trio

  • faith
  • hope
  • and love

if we have hope we can do all kinds of things

keep talking about that hope

people take action so that can spread (hope, that is)

I love the fact that I’m seeing more people like your mom get involved

  • running for office
  • joining groups
  • talking about it

whole idea of green homes

green living

and make it part of the conversation

more we talk about it

Final words from Jackie: “I think listeners are going to love hearing this episode. I am going to encourage listeners if they get a copy of your book they go to amazon and leave a review because reviews are key!”

Thank you, Jackie!

If you haven’t read my book yet, I invite you to.  You can order it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble via my Green Home Coach web site.  Or get in touch with me and I will send you one of my loaner copies. And then I have 2 favors to ask:
1.  Please leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or just email me and we will get it posted.

  1. Will you copy and share my message with others on your email list and/or social media?  

I am on a mission to help each of us have better lives in better homes.  The cool thing is that not only benefits you and your family, it helps our communities and ultimately makes the world a better place.  Seriously.  If each of us just takes 5 actions to save water, energy or stuff in our homes, we can change the world.  We are the change.


Marla Esser Cloos of Green Home Coach is the author of .  She is the founder and host of the Green Gab Podcast on iTunes. She lives in Edmond OK and works in the worldwide web, Oklahoma City and St. Louis MO. 877-828-1827.


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