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Late winter and spring bring the home and garden shows to municipalities across the country.  These shows are great opportunities to get a little bit of spring fever and start planning home improvements both inside and out.  Home and garden shows also offer opportunities to see and learn about new products for both homes and gardens.

Your community may also offer a Parade of Homes or similar event to see new homes being built by a variety of builders in your community. This is another opportunity to not only see what’s happening in home design and building, but also to see what types of products builders are incorporating into homes of different types.

Home technology and automation is showing up across the board as more and more builders incorporate at least simple home technology into new homes. Many new homes come complete with security systems which can provide the building blocks for home protection and automation. Automated door locks or video doorbells can offer added security.  App driven and/or remote controls for lighting, heating and cooling, and entertainment can help the performance of the home and offer convenience too.

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