Green Remodel Using National Green Building Standard

Did you know since the inception of my business I have been Green Consulting for homes, remodels and multi-family projects? I’ve been working on a project with St. Louis County Housing Authority and homes in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. It is so cool to help bring a house “back to life” so it can be a home again. I wanted to share a little bit about one of these projects that is in the process of being green certified with the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard™. This house in North St. Louis County is in a beautiful neighborhood with huge trees and large lots. The house needed a LOT of work and now it is a better performing, healthier and more comfortable house ready to become a home again. Getting this house from run down to a piece of art took a lot of work from all parties involved. This remodel turned out AWESOME! Check out the before pictures and the after video below.

Before pictures.
2014-04-10 13.47.51 HDR 2014-04-10 13.46.46 HDR







After video below.

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