Native Plants For Green Landscaping

I am super excited to have teamed up with Tina Gleisner from to exchange useful tips and ideas on managing and maintaining your home. She recently published an article I wrote on using native plants as a part of your green landscaping. Because here at HomeNav we are always interested in ways to add eco-friendly aspects to home maintenance, I wanted to share this information with our readers as well. As you will see, green landscaping, when done correctly, can help your home stay beautiful and save you money, even during the hot summer months. Enjoy!

Green Landscaping With Native Plants

Eco-friendly homes involve more than recycling and energy conservation. You can save money and time with green landscaping using native plants. According to, native plants not only add beauty to the landscape, they also help save water, mowing and fertilizer costs and provide a habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife that further enhances your home’s landscape.

The recent trend of using native plants as foundation plantings is becoming more popular because of the beauty and a myriad of other benefits.

Benefits of a Green Landscape

Gardens are green but some are greener when they make good use of native plantings. Here are some of the key benefits to creating a green landscape with native plantings.

  • Low maintenance – native plants are designed to survive easily in your area.
  • Little or no irrigation – the plants that are natural in your locale have adapted to the available moisture in your soil along with your weather patterns.
  • Little or no herbicides – are needed by native plants. They attract insects and microorganisms that keep the plant naturally healthy, so there is no need for environmentally harmful herbicides.
  • Wildlife habitat creation – happens magically with native plants create an environment that attracts a diverse array of birds and butterflies.
  • Beautiful gardens – are possible with native plants that offer brilliant flowers and fall foliage. You can have a delightful and colorful landscape using a majority of native plants.

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