Making Your Home A Green Home

Adding Green To Your Home

A Green Home Is Not All or Nothing

The topic of green homes continues to grow. If your are building a new home, the options are endless and incorporating environmentally preferred materials, systems and features is relatively easy. Home builders are already focused on energy effeientcy and sustainable materials. For them, green is quickly becoming the new normal.

But when your home is not new, green home options may not be as apparent. But rest assured, greening your home is still within your reach and affordable. The most important thing to remember is that each step you take can add significant green and value to your home. HomeNav is here to help you make informed, smart choices along the way.

Greening Your Home With HomeNav

One of the main ideas behind HomeNav is to give you, the homeowner, access to resources about your home. This includes everything from maintenance, product selection and even home insurance and financial topics.  Because the resources cover such a wide range of topics, green home topics simply have become a part of the discussion. In many cases, just by accessing relevant home management information from HomeNav, you will be presented with green home options.

To make it even easier though, you can go directly to the Green Living section in your HomeNav dashboard. There you will find specific green home information and resources.

Some of the green resources include:

  • Making Existing Windows and Doors More Energy Efficient
  • Understanding Green Labels
  • Green Living Guides 
  • Lighting Options For Saving Energy
  • Water Saving Calculators
  • Rebates and Discounts For Green Products and Improvements

As the home industry launches more green options, the flood of information can become overwhelming. By using HomeNav, you are able to easily find the latest green home information as it relates to your needs.

Document Your Progress

As you progress toward a greener home, you can keep track of your purchases, updates and addition inside your HomeNav. This is a great way to demonstrate additional home value when it comes time to sell.

If you are not yet a member of HomeNav, membership is free. You can be discovering ways to add green to your home in minutes. Why not get started now!

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