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The St. Louis Green Business Challenge held their 2018 kick-off meeting while I was in St. Louis and I had a chance to attend. It was great to hear how organizations of all types are engaging their employees in their green and sustainability actions.  Challenge 2018 is the “EIGHTH year of Making Green Work for St. Louis Businesses”

In the spring of 2017, Eric Schneider joined the Green Gab to share about the St. Louis Green Business Challenge. Since the program started in 2010, it has worked with over 150 businesses and organizations in the St. Louis area to adopt sustainable business practices.  Many of these companies have participated in the Challenge for three or more years, and 13 companies have been in the program since it started.

Check out the Green Gab podcast St. Louis Green Business Challenge with Eric Schneider for more about the Challenge and ideas for trying in your organization or life.

The St. Louis Green Business Challenge helps to deliver bottom line savings and grow businesses in St. Louis. It’s a merger of the green economy growth and environmental growth which has made the challenge special here in St. Louis. The Challenge helps companies learn about and implement the triple bottom line of economics, social and environmental practices into their businesses. What makes the Green Business Challenge so fun is that it is volunteers energized by the concept of improving. It’s become contagious in a wonderful way!

Through the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Challenge provides a site visit to the Green Team of each participating organization from the Resource Advisor, Jean Ponzi (you can also listen to Jean, better known as Green Jean, on the Green Gab Podcast with Green Jean Ponzi).  She does a Sustainability 101 talk with the Green Team and tours to provide tips for recycling, green cleaning, daylighting and more.  Its sharing best practices with a combination of hands-on support and networking.  Monthly meetings provide information and resources. Challenge participants, especially those who can’t make a meeting, can also get the presentations and resources on the St. Louis Green Challenge web site.

Green Teams are a key part of the Challenge and are made up of people interested in improving their company. The most successful teams have members across departments.  Green Teams offer a connection for newer, younger, employees through their companies to do good in the community and to have more of a public purpose, instead of just making money. “Green Teams are a great way to get younger people engaged and have social giveback.”

Not only businesses participate in the Green Business Challenge. Universities, school districts, non-profits, cities and municipalities also want to take that next step in making a change.

Over the seven years of the program, 44 percent of companies have participated in the Challenge for 3 years or more.  And the networking that has happened has been a surprise.  The Challenge is creating a core group of people who are sharing best practices and are growing together.

Learn more about the Challenge on the Green Gab podcast St. Louis Green Business Challenge with Eric SchneiderBe sure to check out the many resources in the show notes.


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