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111716blogAs I reviewed our Green Gab Podcast Dreaming Your Home in preparation for this week’s blog, I realized what a cool opportunity we’ve had to live out our own dreams in our new home. It has been quite the journey and learning experience. Our plans were so different, yet our dream has still come true. I guess putting our dream out there and making plans really have made it possible.

When we started this home journey, we had planned on leasing a house to give us enough space and a backyard for our 12-year-old Sheltie.  This way we’d have some time to get settled and figure out if we wanted to build or remodel a home in line with the many green practices I wanted in our home. Through all kinds of crazy occurrences, we were presented with the opportunity to buy a house and figured we’d just go for it. Mortgage rates were great and there were enough houses on the market that met our need for a pretty quick decision. We found a house that met most of our criteria. It was not as energy-efficient and green as I wanted it, yet we could see a clear path to getting it the way we wanted. This is where having our list of priorities really paid off. As fate would have it, it didn’t work out. So we went to our next option, which was an energy-efficient house and did meet many of our priorities. However, this house had a higher price tag. So we ran the numbers including the monthly costs for insurance, taxes, utilities and maintenance. Lo and behold, this newer, “pricier” house was actually a better deal for us and our budget. Honestly, I had to chuckle a little as I realized we had the opportunity for me to “walk my talk.”

Fast forward to today and we are getting settled in. We just planted a lawn that should require little water and maintenance. Again, with our list of priorities and plans in hand, we’ve taken additional steps to create the home of our dreams. Stay tuned to see how it goes.

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