Ecobags™, organic and recycled cotton bags

Listen to Sharon on the EGH podcast.

Sharon Rowe, creator & founder of Eco-Bags & author of the mighty book “The Magic of Tiny Business” is Marla’s special guest. She is here to encourage you to live with intention. Her new book tells you step-by-step how she built her amazing business and how you can too without compromising your values. ⠀


International Plastic-Bag free day is all about getting people to switch from plastic to reusable bags.

It’s an easy swap that’s better for the environment and a lot more convenient for you (If you can remember your bags! ) Get your Organic and recycled cotton bags here!

Here’s why:

You don’t have to deal with that bag full of bags in the pantry

Adding a reusable cooler bag to your stash keeps frozen goods cool during hot weather

If you keep bags in your car, you’ll always have extras in case you need them (like if the kids get muddy, or your library holds come in)

You don’t risk your bags breaking open mid-parking lot

If you live somewhere that charges for bags, you’ll save money in the long run

Reusable bags have cute options and ways to personalize them

Let me know your favorite reusable bag brand (mine are @ecobags_us) and tell me how you use them! Comment below.


We’re very excited to have Sharon Rowe, the creator, and founder of Ecobags, and the author of The Magic of Tiny Business: You Don’t Have to Go Big to Make a Great Living, back on the show with us today! 

For a long time, environmental movements have been telling everyone to work together. That has become more important at this time than ever before. Now is the time that we need to stand up to the things that aren’t true, that are harmful, and that do not benefit people.