Creative Repurposing With Shipping Containers

I was recently at my father’s vineyard in Central Oklahoma and he promptly wanted to show me his new storage shed. This new storage shed was a shipping container. We are seeing shipping containers used in more and more applications as we seem to have a plethora of these shipping containers in the United States as we bring things and containers over from other countries. There have been many creative uses of shipping containers and it was really heartening to see how my father is using his as a way to improve his property and meet his needs for storage. He explained the process to me of getting the shipping container. Since he is in a rather remote area with simple dirt roads and the container is quite large, I wondered how they put it in place. I was surprised to hear what a simple process it turned out to be for him because the gentleman delivering the shipping container had it all down to a science. Once a shipping container was delivered and oriented the way my father wanted it, the new storage building was ready to serve him. You may also have seen shipping containers used for “pop up hotels”, “pop-up stores”, and “pop up storage container”. The versatility and creativity of the shipping containers is becoming quite abundant and it’s a lot of fun to see how people are repurposing of materials that are in need of being used. I love all the creativity!

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