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The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well

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Thank you to AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology – for sponsoring this Green Gab podcast episode.  Gabbing with Kellye Markowski with Energy Smart Homes.  Kellye is a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project management.  She works independently and does not promote any products. Her goal is to help homeowners/residents reduce their energy and costs and [...]

Getting Green with the Missouri Historical Society

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Gabbing with Angela Moore, the facilities and sustainability coordinator for the Missouri Historical Society. She works to create more sustainable programs and facilitate more sustainable initiatives for the Historical Society. As Angela pointed out, it’s important to preserve history and culture, and to do that you have to preserve the earth so it’s here for many [...]


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The Oklahoma US Green Building Council offered Green Business Boot Camp – an update and review of the many benefits and programs of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). I’ve been a LEED AP (accredited professional) for 8 years now yet had not recently gone through an update of what all USGBC has been working [...]

Avoiding the Renovation Nightmare – Mina Fies from Renovation Roadmap™ and Synergy Design and Construction

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a Green Gab podcast with Marla Mina Fies, creator of Renovation Roadmap and owner of Synergy Design and Construction, choreographs the myriad of decisions and details of the remodeling process from conception to completion.  Renovation Roadmap provides homeowners the tools, checklists and sample documents needed to select the right contractors, navigate the design process, and [...]

HERO Program – Financing Energy Efficient upgrades with Theresa Garza of Renovate America

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A Green Gab Podcast – Recorded Live at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show (photo credit: Mike and 2 Guys) Theresa Garza is the Market Development Manager for Renovate America. They are in a private public partnership with the Missouri Clean Energy District, which is a clinical subdivision of the state of Missouri that authorizes PACE [...]

Energy Efficient Innovations

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Energy Efficient Innovations

Note from Marla  – as I was listening to the podcast for any final edits to Tony’s write-up, I had a vivid flashback on the topic of home control.  Do you remember the movie PillowTalk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson?  There is a scene in his “bachelor pad” where the stereo turns on, the [...]