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Green Interiors

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Erica Reiner with E. Leigh Designs, the creator and owner of a Los Angeles based, interior design studio formed her business to help people create ideal residential, retail and commercial spaces. Erica specializes in eco-friendly and non-toxic interior designs for every budget without compromising quality or style. Her journey into sustainable, healthy, eco-friendly design began with [...]

Holiday Organizing: A Gift to Your Future Self with Lea Gallagher of Untangle Organizing

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Wondering what to do with all of those holiday decorations all around your home? Lea Gallagher is a professional organizer and provides tips to get that holiday organizing handled. After all, there can be a lot of chaos around the holidays, with busyness, deadlines, and—let’s face it—wrapping paper everywhere. As you start off the new [...]

The Stuff of Our Lives

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Stuff takes many forms in our lives – physical stuff, mental stuff, emotional stuff, and on. Sometimes stuff adds up and becomes overwhelming for us – even the good stuff. Sometimes stuff adds up and we see the blessings abundance brings. Perspective and attitude matter in how we look at our own stuff just like [...]

Why you should HomeNav

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This whole thing started with HomeNav – the online homeowners’ manual I created for you – the home owner and resident. Why should you HomeNav? Insider tip…if nothing else, sign up for your complimentary account for the maintenance checklists and green resources. With HomeNav, you are one step closer to protecting your home and going [...]

Solar for Superheroes

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Solar for Superheroes

This summer, I had the honor of hosting a summer high school intern from New Hampshire – Krissy Truesdale.  Usually the first question I get is “HOW did you get a summer intern from New Hampshire?” quickly followed by “and how does that work?” I met Krissy through her mom whom I met a conference [...]