The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well

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Thank you to AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology – for sponsoring this Green Gab podcast episode.  Gabbing with Kellye Markowski with Energy Smart Homes.  Kellye is a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project management.  She works independently and does not promote any products. Her goal is to help homeowners/residents reduce their energy and costs and [...]

Daylighting from the Fifth Wall with Mike Chance of Velux

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GG Ep 46 with Mike Chance Velux Recording March 2017 daylighting

A Green Gab Podcast – Recorded Live at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show Now that it’s springtime, make the most of the sun by daylighting your home. Mike Chance of Velux Skylights has been a champion of daylighting for 20 years. Velux Skylights has been around since 1941 when Villum Kann Rasmussen started [...]

5 Low-Cost Ways to Warm Up Your Home

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It’s easier than you think to warm up your home, just click over to some of the products mentioned in the episode in the resources. Insulating Curtains and Drapes Everyone thinks you need to replace your windows. But simply adding insulating curtains or drapes can keep the cold air out. Calking Caulking under the window [...]

Keep You and Your Home Eco-Friendly

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Today we’re going through our most popular posts from the last month, with some great green ideas you can use this winter season to keep you and your home eco-friendly. We talk about LED lighting with Tyson Taussig in the 4 Green Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting. It’s only been recently that LEDs have [...]

From Smart Home to Connected

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  Home Conversations and information about “smart homes” are everywhere. With technology, we can connect about anything to an app now and can make it easier to operate, especially where a physical limitation may exist. This technology also provides a lot of conveniences and wow factor. The conversation and implementation extend well to seniors, especially [...]