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Father’s Day Green Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is coming up and I’ve put together some of my favorite gift ideas for the special Father, Grandfather or Husband. These eco-friendly ideas are perfect for the man who has everything. Let me know what you’re planning to give this year!   ECO-BAGS Black Canvas Wine Tote Solar LED Garden Light Torches MOSO [...]

Walking the Talk: The why behind sustainability

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Nothing’s new under the sun. Marla and Tony discuss how the basic principles of green and sustainability have been around for centuries, even since the times of the Greeks and Romans. However, as technology has evolved in our society we have become lazy. We choose convenience over stewardship and then we find ourselves struggling with [...]

Water -Just Use What We Need

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Gabbing today about using water wisely. Because water is integrated into almost every part of our lives and is used in almost everything we manufacture, water affects us on every level.  And because water is a limited resource which we cannot live without, it’s vital we keep learning and remembering to use water responsibly. Tony [...]


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Have you begun your spring planting yet? We’re gabbing with Jackie Marie Beyer, The Organic Gardener and host of the Organic Gardener podcast about how to grow successful, healthy and chemical free gardens. Jackie, along with her husband Mike are passionate environmentalist devoted to helping people develop earth friendly gardens that produce nutrient dense food [...]

Holiday Organizing: A Gift to Your Future Self with Lea Gallagher of Untangle Organizing

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Wondering what to do with all of those holiday decorations all around your home? Lea Gallagher is a professional organizer and provides tips to get that holiday organizing handled. After all, there can be a lot of chaos around the holidays, with busyness, deadlines, and—let’s face it—wrapping paper everywhere. As you start off the new [...]

5 Low-Cost Ways to Warm Up Your Home

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It’s easier than you think to warm up your home, just click over to some of the products mentioned in the episode in the resources. Insulating Curtains and Drapes Everyone thinks you need to replace your windows. But simply adding insulating curtains or drapes can keep the cold air out. Calking Caulking under the window [...]

Keep You and Your Home Eco-Friendly

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Today we’re going through our most popular posts from the last month, with some great green ideas you can use this winter season to keep you and your home eco-friendly. We talk about LED lighting with Tyson Taussig in the 4 Green Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting. It’s only been recently that LEDs have [...]