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Let Your Nose Be the Guide Controlling Smells and Other Airborne Stuff

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Something that smells bad is your first key that it probably is bad, yet airborne stuff that is harmful to your health doesn’t always smell bad. Controlling the stuff that causes problems, or pollutant source control, is key to controlling the air flow and air quality in your home. As Marla says, “to control the nasties,” [...]

Building Hope and Supporting Leaders of the Future

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In their continued recognition of the role of women in the industry, the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), celebrated Professional Women in Building (PWB) Week, by looking back to PWB’s first president, Hope Bettilyon, and the scholarship named in her honor.  In 1949, Mrs. Bettilyon, the wife of a Salt Lake City home builder, organized the [...]

New NAHB Publication Lays Out Simple Steps for Creating a Green Home

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New NAHB Publication Lay Out Simple Steps for Creating a Green Home Offering readers simple tips on how to make homes greener, is a new title released from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home, published by MyHome Press. Author, Marla Esser Cloos shares her expertise [...]

Green Technology

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Late winter and spring bring the home and garden shows to municipalities across the country.  These shows are great opportunities to get a little bit of spring fever and start planning home improvements both inside and out.  Home and garden shows also offer opportunities to see and learn about new products for both homes and [...]

The Need for Teams, Missions and Goals in Everyday Homebuilding

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a Green Gab podcast with Marla and Tony Marla and Tony discuss the need for teams, missions and goals in everyday homebuilding and green home certification. Marla notes that the trend of elevated construction costs leaving builders having to justify price increases to the homebuyer through substantiating better, more high end finishes and incorporating more [...]

A Home for Anyone, A Home for Everyone: The intersection between green and accessibility in homes

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A new shade of green. Providing a longer-lasting, more accessible home or building that serves people as they age, those with various disabilities and/or progressive medical conditions without the burden of investing in extensive additional resources or modifications is, in and of itself, a green or sustainable principle. Marla Esser Cloos, author of Living Green [...]

A Home that Looks Good and Performs Well

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 Thank you to AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology – for sponsoring this Green Gab podcast episode The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well. If you’ve listened to a few of our podcast episodes or read a few of my blogs or my book, you know I’m a huge fan of homes that [...]

Green Connections

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    Choosing to host the Green Gab podcast, write a book, be involved in Professional Women in Building (a council of the National Association of Home Builders) among other things, means I get the honor of getting to know and making connections with a lot of amazing people. And being able to bring their [...]