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I know our lives are busy. I decided mine was too busy, or at least too busy with the things that weren’t getting me to my goals. A recent health issue forced me to stop and take stock.

What if we did this with our lifestyles, the things we buy and bring into our homes and the way we do things in our homes? What if you took a little time to take stock? Would you find you are living your life in line with your values and what is really important to you?

Relationships with my kids, family and friends are top priority in my book. Providing and inspiring a safe, healthy environment and lifestyle for the people I care about is part of these relationships. Yet sometimes I still find it challenging to truly share my work with the people I care about the most. Many of us are pretty tied to the way we do things and being open to a new perspective can be confronting, or at least perceived that way. The irony is that what I can share can often help the ones I care about with their own goals, yet I’ve not figured out how to communicate that message. I CAN share here in my blog with my readers and I will continue to share ways you can make choices (yes, greener choices) to help you achieve what’s important to you in your home.

So pick 5 simple practices or changes in your buying habits that lead you to better support your own goals in your home. Ideas could include:

  • Change overhead light bulbs to LED bulbs – they last years and cost a fraction of “old bulbs” to operate
  • Switch to plant-based, phosphate-free soaps for all of your washing – hands and body, dishes and clothes. Gentler on your skin, hair, clothes, dishes and the environment
  • Buy a few organic foods next trip to the grocery store. Certain fruits and vegetables are especially prone to absorbing the toxins from pesticides and insecticides so they are perfect candidates for the organic version. This article from Good Housekeeping is a good guide.
  • Clean your air better with a microfiber duster and new filter on your vacuum. Bonus – microfiber clothes really don’t need added cleaners (and chemicals) to do their job well.
  • Add a few houseplants to help clean the air too. NASA did this years ago for space missions to help keep the air cleaner in a very contained environment. Check out their list.

What else are you doing to make your home a healthier, safer, more comfortable living environment? Please share your ideas in the comments below.



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