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My birthday was this week. I received 2 amazing gifts.  The gift of a gentler medical treatment for Scott, the special man in my life.  Thank you for all the prayers and good mojo sent our way.  The second gift of my very own podcast show launching this week!  Thank you to the many family and friends who sent their love and birthday wishes.  Social media and the internet have made it so easy to remind people that we are thinking of them.  I am blessed!

Many of my readers know me personally, as well as through business, and may have known that Scott, the special man in my life, was diagnosed with a brain tumor several weeks ago. Although benign, it is causing symptoms and we waited for several weeks for next steps.   During this time, we’ve had many conversations about our future.  This and other alignments in the universe got me to a decision to move faster on taking more of my business online.  Lo and behold, the opportunity to host my own podcast show practically landed in my lap!

Green Gab launches with its first airing at 10am CT Friday February 12 (that’s tomorrow).  Go to and click “Listen Live” to tune in.  Look for more info as I get links up to the episode library.

Green Gab is the podcast for gabbing with women rocking it in green – green homes, green living and green companies.  Every Friday, tune in on Green Gab with Marla Esser Cloos, The Green Home Coach. Get the gab with women in green from around the country and our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  We will share what we’ve done, as well as tips for greening up your home, your job, your family and your life!  Get in on the gab for why green matters – to you, your family and friends and your community.

And for those in and around St. Louis….

Join the Advanced Building Science and Technology Council for Successful Progress for Building Systems – A Workshop and Panel Discussion Thursday February 18th.  Michelle Desiderio from NAHB’s subsidiary, the Home Innovation Research Labs will discuss the latest news from the home innovation arena. She’ll also share highlights from the recently released consumer preference survey, “What Green Means to Home Buyers: Perceptions and Preferences.”
A roundtable panel will follow to talk about How to Get the Best ROI, Integration Challenges & Opportunities, Client Hot Buttons, Understanding & Marketing the Systems Building Approach, Financing as a Selling Tool, Asking the Right Questions and MORE!  Matt Belcher (Verdatek Solutions) will moderate panelists Marla Esser Cloos – HomeNav by Sustaining Spaces, Sid Koltun – Laclede Gas Company, Kim Hibbs – Hibbs Homes and Ed Lott – Cushman & Wakefield Real Estate.

There is more, much more green stuff to learn about. Connect with me to learn more and see what we can create.

I’d love to speak at your next event – give me a call at 877-828-1827 or drop me a line at I work with consumers, especially women, and the home building industry to help each get the value of a home through the language of benefits.  For tips, tricks, and guidelines to making your home and lifestyle GREEN, visit me, The Green Home Coach, at a  

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