Becoming More Sustainable ~ What Makes A Green Home Green

Becoming More SustainableThere are a lot of buzzwords and industry jargon out there! It is hard to decipher the message from all the lingo and buzz words. However, that is not the case with the word sustainability and becoming more sustainable.

As we have mentioned in previous conversations, the true essence of sustainability is an inherent quality of our daily lives. It plays out in our bodies through homeostasis. It can been seen in the ecosystems in galaxies far away to our own spot where we are currently perched. There are so many ways in which we can become more sustainable and there are many things we do everyday that are good sustainable practices. Half the time we do not even recognize it.

Knowledge is Power

Taking the time to understand sustainability is quick and not hard to do. It is also provides us the ability to extrapolate how sustainable practices can benefit everyone and everything around us ~ literally! It is almost like the most amazing legacy you could possible leave to the next generation and the next perhaps. So if knowledge is power and the catalyst for change what does it take to create the initial spark.

 The Green Home Coach is dedicated to sharing knowledge, experience and information about green sustainable practices and becoming more sustainable

The Green Home Coach is also dedicated to offering you the real life solutions and how to’s so that you can experience the benefits of better health comfort and safety. We are excited to announce we will be rolling out 3 different products this year to further assist you on your green journey and our exploration of green sustainable practices. We will be sharing more details on our FB page, our weekly FB live, in our newsletter so be sure to check in because you really do not want to miss this!

What Makes A Green Home Green

What Makes A Green Home Green is launching later this month and with this you will learn the components of the green building standard and what the means to you and your home!

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