Backup Your Home Disaster Recovery Plan

Home Disaster Plan Backup with HomeNavIn the event of a home disaster, you will be faced with many questions. Repairing or reconstructing your home from memory can be difficult and replacing the contents may be next to impossible without a virtual backup of your home. Having a recovery plan provides a road map to reestablish the lost contents of your home and reassembling the structure that provides your family with security. Think of this plan as a backup for your home and personal information.

What Is  A Home Disaster Recovery Plan?

By having a home disaster recovery plan, you are able to begin the rebuilding process more quickly. You will know who to rely on when you need help. This is not a disaster preparedness plan, yet there are many resources available for making sure you are prepared for action. Things such as emergency kits and “go bags” are to help you survive an imminent disaster. Recovering from a home disaster focuses on rebuilding and reconstructing your dwelling.

What Should Be In A Home Disaster Recovery Plan?

While many items within your recovery plan are personal in nature, several of them are should be standard.

Items that should be in your Home Disaster Recovery Plan:
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy and Agent Contact Information
  • Copies of Important Personal Identification Documents: Driver License, Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage License
  • Financial Information ie: Bank account information, investment documents
  • Copies Of Credit Cards And Bank Cards
  • Emergency and Family Contacts
  • Home Inventory
  • Pictures and Video’s Of The Contents and Components Of Your Home
  • Home Floor Plan
  • Receipts And Manuals For Home Contents

These are just examples of important items that may be left behind or destroyed in a home disaster if you are forced to leave unexpectedly. These items are invaluable for both immediate and long-term recovery.

Other items you may want to consider including are:
  • Family Photos And Videos
  • Contact Information For Preferred Service Providers
  • Links To Other Data That Is Important To Your Family

HomeNav is designed to help you store and organize all of this information in a secure, web based account. Because HomeNav is flexible  you can store the information that is important to you. Start building your Home Disaster Recovery Plan today by signing up for your free HomeNav membership.

Planning for the worst is not a topic that many look forward to, but in the event of a devastating event, rest assured, that HomeNav will be there for you.

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