Kathy Curran

The Need for Teams, Missions and Goals in Everyday Homebuilding

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a Green Gab podcast with Marla and Tony Marla and Tony discuss the need for teams, missions and goals in everyday homebuilding and green home certification. Marla notes that the trend of elevated construction costs leaving builders having to justify price increases to the homebuyer through substantiating better, more high end finishes and incorporating more [...]

Re-purposing Waste into Natural Beauty Products – Barbara Lee with Trashy Beauty

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a Green Gab podcast with Marla Barbara Lee of Trashy Beauty, a fellow podcaster with Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors, is a self-proclaimed environmentalist, entrepreneur, and zero-waste evangelist. Barbara Lee’s mantra is, “We use trash to make people beautiful.” World Travel and Barista Beauty After traveling to several third world countries and working on various conservation [...]

Avoiding the Renovation Nightmare – Mina Fies from Renovation Roadmap™ and Synergy Design and Construction

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a Green Gab podcast with Marla Mina Fies, creator of Renovation Roadmap and owner of Synergy Design and Construction, choreographs the myriad of decisions and details of the remodeling process from conception to completion.  Renovation Roadmap provides homeowners the tools, checklists and sample documents needed to select the right contractors, navigate the design process, and [...]

Breakthrough Envelope Sealing Technology revolutionary air sealing

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A Green Gab podcast with Marla The Envelope Please Paul Springer, of AeroBarrier, sponsor of Green Gab Podcast, brings to the forefront the importance of what is known in the building industry as the “building envelope” and “envelope sealing.”AeroBarrier is an innovative envelope sealing technology that takes the guesswork out of sealing the building envelope. [...]