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Daylighting from the Fifth Wall with Mike Chance of Velux

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GG Ep 46 with Mike Chance Velux Recording March 2017 daylighting

A Green Gab Podcast – Recorded Live at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show Now that it’s springtime, make the most of the sun by daylighting your home. Mike Chance of Velux Skylights has been a champion of daylighting for 20 years. Velux Skylights has been around since 1941 when Villum Kann Rasmussen started [...]

From Smart Home to Connected

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  Home Conversations and information about “smart homes” are everywhere. With technology, we can connect about anything to an app now and can make it easier to operate, especially where a physical limitation may exist. This technology also provides a lot of conveniences and wow factor. The conversation and implementation extend well to seniors, especially [...]

Oh Wait! There’s More

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  Maurice Parnell with By the Yard out in Minnesota where they make outdoor furniture. By the Yard makes this furniture with recycled products or known as the technical name HDPE which is high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a maintenance free product so you can leave it out in the snow, ice, or rain and it [...]

Find Your Neighborhood with Ron Williams and Cindy Rhinehart with Hoodle

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    Ron and Cindy with Hoodle, an online web portal for people who are building new homes. A place that educates buyers when building a new house. You need to know where the neighborhoods are that you can build in, who the builders are who build in these neighborhoods, and what the floor plans [...]

Being in your Yard and Children’s Garden Club – Nicholas Citrin with Cloverwall and Douglas Wolter with STL County Parks Children’s Garden Club

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Being in Your Yard – Nicholas Citrin with Cloverwall Being in your yard without mosquitoes is just what Cloverwall is all about. Nicholas Citrin with Cloverwall shares their approach to mosquitoes. The main reason people have mosquitos in their yard is due to standing water. Cloverwall first maps out all the standing water on the [...]

Carolyn Dickson and Jenni Owens with Second Sitting and STL Teacher Post

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  Carolyn Dickson works with Second Sitting located in St.Louis. Second Sitting is a resale and consignment home furnishings and accessories store. They do a lot of furniture from display homes to staging companies, and showrooms in the area that are turning over their merchandise. So most of their furniture like 90% of their furniture [...]

The Eyes of Our Homes – Windows…Debbie Kinsinger of Two Blind Guys and Keith Kessler of Pella Windows

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  Debbie Kinsinger owner of Two Blind Guys a family owned and operated business. Debbie and her 2 sons specialize in residential and commercial window covering needs. They go out to the location, measure the windows, bring you samples and give you prices. There are 2 showrooms where you’re able to test out all the [...]

Preserving Seeds and Materials… Angela Adler of SeedGeeks and Jenny Murphy of Perennial

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Angela Adler, Co-Owner of SeedGeeks, a company started 4 years ago with her husband Mark. It all happened very naturally, they met in 2009 and their first date was to see the documentary Food Inc. and had no idea at the time it would be such a foundational documentary for their lives going forward. It really [...]

Josh Vaughn and Paul McKnight with Habitat ReStore and EFS Energy

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  Note: We did run into some technical difficulties during this recording but we wanted to share with you all the great things we were able to capture. Josh Vaughn is General Manager at Habitat ReStore who’ve been around since 1997. At Habitat ReStore they take new and used building and remodeling supplies and sell them through their 2 ReStore’s locations [...]