MAD Energy – Michele Dow is Making a Difference When it Comes to Green


green-gab-episode-4MAD Energy is all about Making a Difference.  The brainchild of friend and colleague, Michele Dow, who is rocking it in green.  The best part is that she got started without intending to be green!  I’m Marla Esser Cloos, The Green Home Coach, and Michele joins me today on Green Gab –  the podcast for rocking it green and celebrating green homes, green living and green companies.

Michele and I gab about how she started in window films and the great benefits they offer.  Funny thing is that she started with window films to help people protect their furnishings from UV damage.  That in itself is a great way to extend the life of our stuff – a great green principle in itself, although not the reason Michele got it going.


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