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100616blog2I am getting an amazing opportunity to share our experiences with our new home. When we were looking at homes, one of the first things we looked at is orientation of the home, or which way the front and back faced. We knew we wanted a home where we could enjoy being outside without roasting in the sun and heat, especially in the late afternoons and evenings. We also knew we wanted to be able to walk and ride our bikes from our home.

These considerations for a place for our home enabled us to choose a home that better met our needs and our values. As you can guess, sustainability in our home is high on my list and I wanted to get the best we could for our investment – both up-front and on-going costs in the form of maintenance, operation and utilities. We’ve repeatedly found that making smart, conscientious choices with our home and the land our home sits on is a good move.

The next step in our journey is creating a backyard that we love. We hired Jamie of Olthia to create a concept for our backyard.  Olthia specializes in creating outdoor spaces that “reclaim nature.” We loved the process and had fun discovering what was really important to us in our yard. We discovered that we wanted a low-maintenance yard where we could gather with family and friends. We wanted a yard that requires little watering once the plants are established. We love color and butterflies and the gentle swaying of grasses in the evening breezes, yet we wanted a tree for birds and a little shade. She took our wants and challenges and created a concept we can implement on our own. And yes, we will be in yard mode this fall, getting our yard started.

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*Thank you Tony Pratte and Missouri Botanical Garden for the cool picture.

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