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I’m one of those people who enjoys occasionally just wandering a hardware or big box store and seeing what cool stuff they have. Laugh all you want, yet know I find great ideas and improvements for my home and some interesting things to learn more about. Better yet, I’m seeing more and more “better options” everyday – water-efficient fixtures, home technology and control systems, low or no toxic adhesives, paints and stains, energy-efficient appliances and lights, and more.

As I wandered one day this week, I realized I did not have lights for my Christmas tree. OK, let me backup a bit.  I’ve been in my condo 3 years now and I’ve had 2 smaller trees on my fireplace hearth and little tabletop trees, yet I had not had a full-sized tree  My daughter helped me figure out a way we could fit one in this year and I just purchased one.   It likely comes as no surprise that I wanted LED lights for m ynew tree…so to the Christmas section I went.

Many, many choices for a little sparkle for my tree.  I figured by now, most holiday lights would be LED.Surprisingly, there are still lots of traditional lights available and they did cost less than LEDs.  Just the prospect of never again searching for the one light bulb that takes down my entire strand of lights is enough for me to always buy LED holiday lights from now on (or at least until something better comes along).  To my delight there were many choices of LEDs in different sizes, shapes and colors.   I finally choose a set of crystal-looking medium sized bulbs.  I can’t wait to get my tree up and see how they look!

I choose LED lights and if you are in the market for holiday lights, consider LEDs this year:

  • They last a really long time, which means fewer replacements and a better investment per
    holiday season.  The ones I just bought will last up to 25,000 hours or about 15 holiday seasons.
  • They use a tiny fraction of the electricity compared to traditional lights.  I bought Energy Star
    lights and they will use about 80% less electricity than traditional holiday lights.
  • A lot of strands can be connected together if needed.  Since they use a lot less electricity, more
    of them can be on the same circuit.  BE SURE to check the number of strands or total wattage
    needed for all the connected strands and the size of the circuit. Consult a professional if you are

If you have holiday lights that no longer work, they are easily recycled in most cities.  Check the internet for locations near you.  I’d love to hear about how you are adding a little sparkle with LED holiday lights in the comment section.
To learn more about holiday lighting tips, visit HomeNav blogs LED Holiday Fun & Energy Efficient and Holiday Lighting Resources for your Home.

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