4 Benefits Of Green Remodeling

Green remodeling is making big headway in the housing market. Because most do not wish to, or cannot afford to build a new, green home from scratch, many are choosing to make improvements to their existing homes with green technologies. This obviously has an impact on both short-term and long-term homeowners and the housing industry as well.

As remodeling contractors are constantly being presented with new, greener, ways to update existing homes, it is important to draw attention to the benefits of green remodeling. Below you will find 4 of the main reasons green remodeling just makes sense. 

Green Remodeling Is Good For Your Health!

Going green is good for both your health and that of your family. The benefits have been found to be physical and emotional. Using natural and safe building materials reduces the toxins that your bodies systems are exposed to. And when you add in some natural lighting, rooms are not only enhanced but it makes your home more comfortable.

Green designs make your home healthier by maximizing fresh air flow and reducing indoor air pollution. By using new technology HVAC systems that draw fresh air from the outside combined with filtration systems, the air you breathe while inside is much cleaner and easier to breathe. Using low and/or non-toxic materials can also decrease allergies and prevent many breathing related health problems.

Making educated design choices can make your home a healthier, more comfortable space, and add to your overall quality of life.

The Financial Payback

It is well documented that energy-efficient home systems can have a very quick impact on your utility bills. This is due to most efficient appliances using up to 50 percent less energy than older, more wasteful models. But it is also important to take into account that efficient and durable materials last longer and cost less to maintain over their lifetimes. Investing in high quality, energy-efficient home systems can have both a short and long-term payback.

Green remodeling has been shown to increase the resale value of homes. There have been many studies that demonstrate homebuyers are paying attention to the green aspects when shopping for houses. More than 90 percent of home buyers say they are willing to pay more for a home with green components because they realize the extra value they offer.

It’s Good For Your Community

Community is a big part of going green. The impact your home has on your community as a whole, can be greatly reduced by features that are added during remodeling. Some features of a green home can minimize the strain on landfills, water treatment plants, power plants along with other parts of local infrastructure.

Purchasing remodeling supplies locally supports the local economy and also reduces the fuel used to transport materials and goods from other regions.

Green Remodeling Has A Global Impact

Green remodeling reduces the overall impact on our environment and helps to slow depletion. Choosing environmentally responsible products helps to protect our air, water, plants and wildlife. By using recycled materials and products made from them, there really is a global impact. Reducing waste both during construction and with the everyday use of the systems in your home goes a long way toward making our planet a better place.

Remember, even the small steps make a big difference.

To learn more about green home remodeling, login to your HomeNav account and go to the Get Green Certified section. There you will find a wide variety of resources to help you add green to your home.

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Fountain Valley CA Home Remodeling January 16, 2014, 3:09 am

I recently assumed that green technologies were very expensive but am glad to have found very cheap alternatives in the market. I do agree that green home improvement is healthier, Eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run.

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