LED Lights

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LED lights are taking on a life of their own. You are now starting to see them everywhere. I'm guessing this is because not only have they come way down in price, but also because the quality and the color versatility of these bulbs is awesome. Well, at least in my opinion. My mother, on [...]

How Living In A National Green Home is Affordable For EveryBody

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Building to the National Green Building Standard™ does not have to be a challenge. As this project in Lancaster MO in conjunction with Northeastern Community Action Agency illustrates,  access to Green Certified homes can be affordable for everybody. The architect on this project Monty and I work together on the front end so by the [...]

A Quick Little Bit of Home Owners Education and Video ~ Pink Rigid Foam

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I had the opportunity to visit the Proud Green Home St. Louis a few days ago.  I always love seeing all the people come out to learn what makes these green, a.k.a. high performance homes different.  In my estimation, green homes are simply better built homes.  They take advantage of nature, building materials and quality [...]

Lessons Learned With My Remodel

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As we go through our busy everyday lives oftentimes it can be easy to overlook preventative house maintenance especially when it involves water. This is because lot of it goes on behind the scenes of where we see every day, like behind walls or under shower pans. Once overlooked these maintenance issues can turn into [...]

Recycled Granite St. Louis

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Patrick Gilmore spent some time teaching us about recycled granite, who he is and what he does. What this video doesn't tell you is that Patrick's company is a veteran owned business. Fun fact: Did you know, on average, one fabricator of throws away 5 tons of granite per WEEK!!!!  Talk about waste!  Can you [...]

Fresh Air For Ventilation

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Now that September is here, it's starting to get cooler. Some of you may already be taking advantage of the cooler weather by opening the windows and enjoying the fresh air outside! The video blog talks about exactly this in the context of the importance of ventilation and fresh air in your home!  While this [...]