Walk Your Talk

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As I listened (again) to the Green Gab podcast about Preserving History…with Kate Ewing, I was so struck by how much we kept coming back to talking about how our actions exemplified what is important to each of us. This “walk your talk” arises in all parts of our lives and now that I’m paying [...]

The Tools for My Home – Appliances!

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I love my appliances – they help me do so many things in my home – keeping and preparing food; as well as cleaning dishes, clothes and the house. I love it even more when they look great and perform well. Today’s appliances not only do their intended job, they can do it using less [...]

To Buy Recycled or Not To Buy Recycled…A New Perspective On Toilet Paper

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I started my path on a “greener” lifestyle back when I was 18 and started working in a health food store. At that time, I was very frustrated because making good choices that felt right to me also felt very out of reach financially. In fact it was a little over a decade later that [...]

HomeNav Testimonial – Sarah Oudman of Treasure Homes

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How HomeNav Helps Treasure Homes

Last week while attending the EEBA Conference (Energy and Environmental Building Alliance) , I literally ran into Sarah. Sarah Oudman is a custom builder/remodeler in Indiana and has built an Emerald Level home with the National Green Building Standard™. Through her company, Treasure Homes, she was one of my first HomeNav clients. We enjoyed catching [...]