Air Quality

Sunsets and Changing Climate Zones

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The sunsets in Oklahoma City are particularly beautiful. Last night, the horizon was a deep pink and it glowed like a jewel. I’d forgotten how beautiful they are. I suspect the flat landscape and the drier air is partly responsible. I could ask a meteorologist how it occurs. Or I can accept one of the [...]

The Home Detective – Finding How to Get a Home to Perform Well

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Gabbing with Kellye Markowski with Energy Smart Homes.  Kellye is a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project management.  She works independently and does not promote any products. Her goal is to help homeowners/residents reduce their energy and costs and know the best course of action for their house. She works with the true [...]

Breathe Well

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Indoor air quality or the indoor environment applies to all of our homes – existing or new - and all of us can take immediate actions to breathe well in our homes. For me, the first steps were my choices of cleaning products. I switched to non-toxic, safer cleaners and even a few homemade ones. [...]